Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Slow Sewing - Up North Quilt

I'm not that motivated to blog about my quilting when I'm working on something that is going slow!!!  There are only a few ways you can take an interesting picture of that new line of sewing you added to all the other straight lines! But I have made a bit of progress on my Up North Quilt so I'm going to share it. All of my sewing time has been spent on this so this is all I have to share right now.

I will say I'm excited about the backing I am using. I am obsessed with everything strawberry but not drawn to blue most of the time. But I think this print is perfect for this quilt. I realize this is a risky backing because it is so difficult to get lined up but since it is only for me I am fine dealing with a few wonky lines that add character.

I do have a few ideas for other blog posts but haven't had time because I'm working on another project. More about that one soon! 


  1. Quilting takes a long time. Which is why so many of us avoid it. You quilt looks great. I have the green fabric with gold crosses you share in your top photo and I can never figure out what to do with it. It looks great paired with the other green and with grey. It's giving me thoughts.

  2. Quilting is definitely time consuming but I know I will be happy with the outcome in the end! I'm glad this got you thinking! I'm normally not a gold person but I love all of the C&S basics.


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