Sunday, March 18, 2018

Game Changers: Aurifil Thread Card

I live in a rural area with limited resources for fabric and supplies. Thankfully there are two quilt shops for immediate needs, but for the most part they do not sell fabric that interests me and only carry a few thread color options. When I do make it to the city I'm usually busy with other things so I can't count on being able to shop for sewing stuff.

One specific item that has been a challenge for me is Aurifil Thread. The local shops sell a limited number of colors, which I am grateful for, but if I want a perfect match sometimes the local sources won't cut it. I did find a few online shops that would color match for me, but honestly when I did this there were a few matches that didn't seem ideal so I wasn't sure I wanted to rely on this option anymore.

Enter the Aurifil Thread Card!!! Until I saw a post about this from Quiting Jetgirl I had no idea this existed! I ordered one from Hawthorne Threads and I know it is going to be well worth the investment.

Do you have any game changers? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Quilter's Planner 2018 Block of the Month Sampler Sew-Along

Confession: I have never really been interested in the color blue. It just never grabs me. But I have accumulated quite a few blue fabrics in bundles and stash builder clubs that rarely get used. So when I discovered my girls' teacher was having a baby boy I though this would be a great opportunity to use some blue fabric!

I debated for a long time about what to make. I wanted to make an original design but my ideas were nothing I felt comfortable giving to someone I don't know well.

Enter the Quilter's Planner 2018 Block of the Month Sampler Sew-Along. I loved sewing some of the blocks last year, so I decided to try a few blocks with a few of the blues I had pulled for the baby quilt. I ended up loving the first block so I kept going.

I'm debated about sashing. Should I go with a solid Navy or Navy Sprinkle? I'm almost always going to pick Sprinkle because it is my fave, but since I'm using it in a few blocks I wondered if solid Navy might be the better choice. After discussing it with one of my daughters we both agreed to go with Sprinkle!

One more confession: of course I still ended up ordering more fabric to match my theme. I may not love blue but I do love everything celestial -- especially moons and stars -- so I don't feel too bad adding fabric that fits this theme to my stash. Even if it is blue.

If I'm going to get this sewn and quilted by mid-May I need to start hustling. This will be my April focus for sure.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

One Monthly Goal - March 2018

It's time for March's One Monthly Goal! 

If you read my February goal I decided to make it a stretch goal. The bad news: I did not meet my goal. The good news: I did way more than I thought I would, and probably would have hit my goal if the new pup hadn't joined our family in the middle of the month. The pup was not planned at the beginning of March when I set my goal. So, I'm making my monthly goal the same as last month (I hope this is allowed). But this month I know it is not a stretch and I will be able to do it!!!

March Goal: Finish Up North Quilt.

I'm actually pretty close to being done. I made a lot of progress in February on the quilting and I am in the final stretch! I just need to finish a little bit on the right side and then the last section on the left side and then bind. Fingers crossed for lots of puppy naps!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Two Year (or so) Anniversary

On February 21, 2016 I posted this photo in The Splendid Sampler Facebook group. 

At that time I had no experience sewing or quilting. I just started. The Splendid Sampler was my first intro to quilting. I tried every block, for awhile anyway. If the block didn't look the way I wanted or I knew I needed to work on something I would try to search the internet for tips on how to improve and sew it over and over again until I felt like I had it the way I wanted it. 

I quickly learned that I'm most interested in piecing so The Splendid Sampler with so much applique and embroidery lost my interest. But I found many other things to keep me going!  

It was fun to look back two years later at the picture I posted in The Splendid Sampler Facebook group and see this comment by a fellow group member: "they are part of your quilting history." That is so true. We all begin somewhere. I have learned so much over the past two years and my piecing and quilting has improved in so many ways. But I know that I still have so much room to grow and I will only get there by trying and doing. 

I also realize one of the keys to challenging myself and growing is interacting with other makers. When I put myself out there and take that risk it creates more opportunities for me to learn from others. It is challenging for me to connect with other quilters where I live, with my other commitments. I have created great connections on Instagram, but I think I can make even more opportunities for learning and connections through blogging. This is one of the reasons I've stepped up my commitment to blogging this year, as puppy and kids will allow of course. 

Here's to another two years and more!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Productivity Killer

My commitment to blogging about quilting is serious. But this week Hoss joined our family and pretty much every free second I have is going to him. I know this is only temporary, people have puppies all the time and survive and many quilters have dogs and still manage to sew. But I am starting to wonder if I will ever sew manage to sew again!!!

It has been less than a week since he joined us so of course we are still adjusting. I know that the time and attention I give him now will pay off in the long run so for the time being my quilting is on hold. I do hope that during the upcoming three day weekend I can wear him out enough to get a few nap time sewing opportunities. But for now it is all Hoss, all the time!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Slow Sewing - Up North Quilt

I'm not that motivated to blog about my quilting when I'm working on something that is going slow!!!  There are only a few ways you can take an interesting picture of that new line of sewing you added to all the other straight lines! But I have made a bit of progress on my Up North Quilt so I'm going to share it. All of my sewing time has been spent on this so this is all I have to share right now.

I will say I'm excited about the backing I am using. I am obsessed with everything strawberry but not drawn to blue most of the time. But I think this print is perfect for this quilt. I realize this is a risky backing because it is so difficult to get lined up but since it is only for me I am fine dealing with a few wonky lines that add character.

I do have a few ideas for other blog posts but haven't had time because I'm working on another project. More about that one soon! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

One Monthly Goal - February 2018

It's time for February's One Monthly Goal. If you read my January goal I tried to pick a simple goal so I was successful and not overcommitting. Well this month I've decided it's time to stretch myself!!!

February Goal: Finish Up North Quilt

If you recall for One Monthly Goal "Any goal that involves a step in the process of making with thread, fabric or yarn is a valid goal." So I don't need to aim this high but I need the extra push so I'm going for it. 

I have started quilting. It is SO slow on my machine. I can sew one line in 15 minutes maybe. So I have a lot of work to do! 

I also need to settle on binding still and probably order it. I think I am going to pick the red gingham to match the camper but I don't have enough so I need to get on ordering some more!

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