Saturday, May 5, 2018

One Monthly Goal - May 2018

May is here and it's time to set my goal for the One Monthly Goal hosted by Elm Street Quilts. I am so glad I found One Monthly Goal this year, so far begin able to set a realistic goal has been helpful for keeping me on track with getting things done. 

"Any goal that involves a step in the process of making with thread, fabric or yarn is a valid goal."

May 2018 Goal: Quilt and bind Baby Quilt Top using blocks from the Quilter's Planner 2018 Block of the Month Sampler Sew-Along.

I have started quilting the top and in MUST be done in May because baby is due this month. I need to get sewing!!! 

I also need HELP picking binding. Please tell me how you decide? Do you use the backing or pull out a print from the top? Something totally different? What tips or tricks do you have for picking it? I really have no inspiration for the binding on this quilt so I would love any help I can get in figuring it out!



  1. Hi Carrie,
    What a beautiful sampler quilt for a new baby! I haven't even looked at the patterns in the planner - HAHA! I love that backing - sew, sew, SO cute!! I am boring - I usually use the backing for the binding or one of the fabrics used in the design. I haven't tried a flange binding, but those look fabulous! What do you see or want it to look like? You could do either of these things, or introduce a new color - a pop or red maybe? It's your vision - NOTHING is wrong and mom and baby will adore it whatever you do. From my framing days the rule of thumb was always use the third color you see when looking at it. That is the dominant mat color, and then you accent with slivers of the other colors you want to pull out. It is beautiful already! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. If I want to frame the quilt, I chose a color/fabric from within the quilt. Put it next to your quilt, just peeking out, and stand back or take a picture of it. If I want the eyes to go to the quilt blocks themselves, I chose the border fabric that would be right next to the binding. There's no right or wrong answer. I can guarantee you two things: that it will still be beautiful no matter what you chose and that you'll wish you would have made the other choice.

  3. Looking good. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  4. My answer to your question about picking binding is yes, I do both! There are a lot of good options for this quilt and like Karen and Roseanne said there is not wrong choice. Any of them will work. My first instinct was to use one of the gold colors of the planets because it kind of represents sunshine and goes nicely with blues. But if you don't want that much a stark contrast, the navy blue would make a nice frame or even the medium blue that is in your middle square. If those are all too blah for you, them maybe you could find a whole new fabric with shooting stars on it or something. I see your dilemma. There are many good choices! Love those shoes! :)

  5. Hi Carrie: I agree with all of the above. I usually go with something from the front unless I don't have any left and then I just improvise.

  6. Lovely quilt! Sometimes a stripe print fabric can work really well as a binding. I've seen lots of scrap quilts with black and white striped binding. Maybe a blue or grey stripe would work with your quilt?


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