Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 Finish A Long: Q2 Proposed Finishes

It's hard to believe it is already time to link up proposed finishes for Quarter 2 of the 2018 Finish-A-Long! I love the Finish-A-Long because it allows you to set goals but there is no penalty if you don't finish your full list. Motivation with a little flexibility!

"A finish is defined as a completely finished project, e.g. a quilt, quilted and bound, a bag that's fully lined and functional, or a jumper that one could wear out in public."

So I will list A BUNCH of my UFOs that have some significant level of progress or that I really want to finish (someday). I KNOW that I won't get these all done in Q2 but it gives me some flexibility to shift focus based on my ever changing interests and I love having a running list that I can just keep adding to and subtracting from each quarter. 

Obviously I'm good at starting things but not finish them. I will make it my goal to have at least one full finish from this list in Q2!

Baby Quilt: Almost done. Will finish by mid-May for sure because Baby will be here by the end of May. Just need to finish piecing top, baste, and quilt.

100 Days 100 Blocks 2017: Need to finish quilting/binding. It is a lot of lines on a big quilt on my small machine. Time consuming for sure! Since there is a finish along for this starting this month I will probably push this one up the priority list.

Garden Snail: Top in progress. I think I need three more snails then I will be able to finish the top, quilt and bind.

Lepidoptera: Top in progress. Only one block of 19 done. Lots of work left to do. 

Wayward Transparency: Top done. Need to back, quilt and bind.

Missouri Star: Quilting partially done. 

Long Time Gone: Need to back, quilt, and bind.

Sew all the Curves: Need to finish top, back, quilt, and bind.

Alpine: Need to finish top, back, quilt, and bind.

52 Weeks with the Quilters Planner (2017): Need to figure how sashing, finish top, back, quilt, and bind.

We are All Queen Bee Blocks: Need to figure out size/sashing, finish top, back, quilt, and bind.

She's A Fish - Mini Quilt:  Halfway done. Would love to finish this someday!  

I think that is more than enough for now!!!

Linking up with 2018 Q2 FAL Project List.


  1. Oh man! That Alpine background fabric messes with my eyes!! My heart LEAPT at Lepidoptera - LOVE! And I, too, am doing the Tula Pink sampler...only on block 16 but I'm making two of each... Wow on the fish quilt - that's me serious paper-piecing, and it's gorgeous already. You have a lot of projects (kinda like someone ELSE I know?!) but I bet you'll knock several of them, if not all off!

  2. Wow! You have some fabulous quilts in the works. Best wishes for a successful quarter!

    1. Thank you, I definitely love to start things! I am thinking of at least two or three more quilts I want to start this quarter. I wish I could stick with things until they are done, but there are just so many things I want to sew and I can never fit it all in!

  3. Wow Carrie. These are all so beautiful! I think it is more than enough for now and I look forward to seeing anything that you finish.

  4. These are amazing! You've got some really lovely projects to work on.

  5. Wow, your quilts are stunning! I love your color choices and style! I’m going to have to check out the Tula Pink sampler quilt pattern, I love it! Thanks and enjoy the rest of the hop!


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